This is the blog of a guy that have Avoidant Personality Disorder about the things he likes and he dislikes.

I will answer here a few questions.

  • What is Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) ? : You can check the definition of wikipedia A more complete definition is here The book “Distancing” by Martin Kantor is good. The book “Personality Disorders in Modern Life” by Theodore Millon is good too. Basically it means that I don’t like myself and I avoid people because I’m convinced that they will reject me and I don’t trust them. Online, I’m less avoidant than in real-life, probably because I can keep my distance.
  • What do you do professionally ? : I’m a software developer.
  • Where do you live ? : In Quebec (Canada). I’m French-Canadian, Tabarnak:)
  • What do you think of religion ? : I’m an atheist that admire Richard Dawkins. For me religion is stupid.
  • What do you like ? : I’m a living encyclopedia about horror, science-fiction and exploitation movies. I have several books about them and more than 1000 movies. I have more than 400 science-fiction books (classics of the 1940s-1970s). I love classic rock of the 1970s-1980s. I’m interested in ancient history too. I have lots of books about science. I play video games from time to time. The typical pastime of a shut-in.
  • How can a guy with AvPD can meet a woman ? : A guy with AvPD doesn’t meet women, it’s women that meet him. As Clint Eastwood said : A man’s got to know his limitations.

    Here is what happens when a woman meet a guy with AvPD (it’s a comment by Chic Noir on Lady Raine’s blog):

    *chic noir yells*
    No more mr nice guy yehhhhh!!!! where have you been my e-friend.

    *chic noir wraps arms around no more mr. nice guy*

    * mr. nice guy runs away*

    chic noir: wait wait come back.

    It’s very tough to grab us. And I need to add that many guys with AvPD fall in love with women that have Borderline Personality Disorder (which is a severe mental problem) because these women are super extroverted. Any guys that has AvPD should read about Borderline Personality Disorder just in case he meets a woman like that.

  • Can you leave the house ? There is a difference between AvPD and agoraphobia. I can leave the house and in the past I loved to take long walks outside (alone), but I cannot mix with people.
  • Why do you know so much about PUAs ? : I was in shyness forums before. In all shyness forums you will have PUAs that try to help guys. But these guys cannot go in a club and pickup chicks. Furthermore they want a girlfriend, not a one-night-stand. So by reading shyness forum, you will learn about this stuff, but you cannot put it in practice. A good book about dating is “Mode One” by Allan Roger Currie. It’s not a PUA book, it’s a book about the various way men approach women to have sex with them. Mode One guys are upfront with women – PUAs are like that. Mode Two are giving gifts to women – most guys are like that. Mode Three guys are too shy to approach women – guys that have AvPD,social phobia,social anxiety are like that. Mode Four guys are angry guys that cannot get laid.
  • Why do you know so much about MRAs (men’s right activists) ? : First of all most MRAs are angry guys that cannot get laid. Regularly you will see these misogynists showing up in shyness/dating forums because they want the guys that post there to give up about women. The reason for that is that angry guys that cannot get laid hate, hate, hate nerd males that have a girlfriend (it’s well explained in “Mode One” by Allan Roger Currie and he calls it the alpha male syndrome) and shyness forums are full of nerds that want a girlfriend. For misogynists, the only men that should have women are thugs and asshole – they constantly say that women are only attracted to thugs and assholes. For this reason many misogynists see themselves as experts in dating or seduction technique : they are a complete failure with women and want all other men to fail with them. And medically there are difference between the two group : shy men suffer from AvPD,social phobia,social anxiety (Cluster C) while angry guys that cannot get laid suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Psychopathy (Cluster B).
  • Why “No more mr nice guy” ? : Because of that :
  • 39 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey No More Mr Nice Guy

      I’m looking forward to reading your posts. You certainly chose a controversial topic for your first one!


    2. @Dream Puppy : I like old science-fiction shows like the Original V mini-series, Space 1999, U.F.O. In the 1990s I watched Sliders, the X-Files and the Outer Limits. Nowadays I rarely watch television.

    3. No More,

      With your interests and what a great guy you are, I doubt you have any problems with women finding YOU first.

      No matter what those misogynists like to tell other men/women, there are TONS of ladies who love shy men (like myself) and really prefer them to an extroverted, chatty-cathy.

      After all…..that IS the meaning of the “strong, silent” type. There is nothing I like more than a guy who is just happy to sit there with me and enjoy the stuff *we* like to do and not feel the need to discuss it with me or put on some big show. That becomes tiresome very quickly.

      And for someone who is avoidant of other humans…..you sure are a personable guy!


    4. Your ideas intrigue me – or at least your self description does – and I wish to subscribe to your blog. I’m a lifelong depressive with more problems just being in the world than I can count. But I know that if I don’t find some people – and one special one – to share my life with, I will quickly self-destruct. I’ll be looking in to see how you face the issues on your plate.

    5. One other thing, NMMNG – as far as I can tell from a quick but intense Google search, you appear to be the only male blogger critiquing the PUA fraternity and the so-called “manosphere.” You must have taken a world of shit…or else you’re about to. Good going.

    6. Paul said:
      One other thing, NMMNG – as far as I can tell from a quick but intense Google search, you appear to be the only male blogger critiquing the PUA fraternity and the so-called “manosphere.” You must have taken a world of shit…or else you’re about to. Good going.

      I started commenting on Lady Raine Blog a year ago because she was in trouble with Roissy. What I put here is a summary of what I’ve said on Lady Raine blog. She has a full posting about Roissy

      I don’t comment on manosphere blogs, so I don’t think they will come here. But I know they know me since they have read me on Lady Raine blog.

    7. Hey no more mr. nice guy, perhaps speaking your mind on the web will help you become more balanced with outgoingness (but there’s nothing wrong with being shy either). You seem like a good person and your observation on linking the PUAs to narcissim explains a lot. Some dudes on my blogroll have also critiqued the MRA PUA movement in some posts, and I bet a number of guys in the web and real world probably agree that the MRA-PUA manosphere’s shtick is ridiculous, so you’re not alone.


    8. That’s the first definition of Tabarnak in Urban Dictionary :

      Used as swear word (common in french Canadian slang) ‘Tabarnak’ has a variety of uses. It has nearly become an equivalent to “fuck” and its derivatives in how it is used. It can be used as an insult (when adressing someone),or to overstate/amplify an emotion/state of mind, or to express surprise-disgust, etc.

      I used it to overstate and amplify my gratitude.:)

    9. “I don’t like myself and I avoid people because I’m convinced that they will reject me and I don’t trust them.”

      Why don’t you like yourself?

    10. You guys should also comment on the reesearch and sleazy blog posts to keep the hate against roosh going so all are aware of how big of a fraud that guy is

    11. Thanks for the traffic dude. I can’t even be angry at you. I pity you too much. Continue hating me, I’ll continue doing well with women.

      And as far as the strippers go- the blonde wasn’t “just doing her job” when I had sex with her. Kthnxsbai.

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