A typical MGTOW

It was posted last year in the comments section, but I need to repost it. It’s a mother who explain what happened when her daughter dated an MGTOW :

I also wanted to add because you profess to be MGTOW… you guys need to be mindful of what you prescribe for your younger brothers of the struggle.

My daughter broke up with her last boyfriend because he would do things like tells her he was almost at her front door and he would leave her waiting downstairs for 45 minutes because in truth he hadn’t left the house.

He would tell her that he was attending classes (at a community college) and getting good grades he just wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life.

When the truth was that he had dropped half of his classes and was getting lousy grades because he wanted to spend the day playing video games.

The final straw occurred over the summer when he told her that he had decided to become more involved with the Boy Scouts and become a conselor at a Cub Scout summer camp and was going to pursue a forestry degree and she was over the moon proud. That is until she found out that he was late filing out the paper work for a camp conselor and his dad had to pull strings to get him a dish washing job at the camp which he lost because he, even though he was staying at the camp site, couldn’t make it to work on time.

She confided in me recently that the reason she wouldn’t invite him to her birthday party was even though she was trying to be cool with him is that he accused her of some horrible things and called her some nasty names over text.

He accused her of being a hypergamous carousel rider… even though he did not spell it correctly … I have seen the saved text on her phone.

She also showed me that he was MGTOW posting the stuff all over facebook and never getting married because of what she put him through.

So his life since last summer has involved him moving into the basement, barely going to school and playing video games until he goes to work with his mom at his part time job at a furniture store… he has an older brother on a similar path.

If this is the path that you are advocating that young men follow I would offer that you advise better… because at this rate he won’t be able to attain basic survival or be able to maintain a internet bill on his own much less rent and other basic utilities.

I feel like my daughter doged a bullet, but I feel really sorry for this boy.


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