Why Nice Guys ™ cannot get laid

A Nice Guy ™ is a passive-aggressive manipulative guy that believe that he can get women by feigning being friends with them. A Nice Guy ™ will resent women if they reject him and say that women are attracted by bad boys. A Nice Guy ™ doesn’t think he’s nice because he’s surrounded by people saying to him that he’s nice, he thinks he’s nice because he has no success with women and he think that only bad boys have success with women. If a woman do not want to have sex with him or fall in love with him, the Nice Guy ™, is not interested in her. A Nice Guy ™ cannot have platonic relationship with women. It’s a wrong seduction strategy and it has the following consequences.

  • A Nice Guy ™ is completely cut off from women since he’s only interested in a woman if he think she will become his girlfriend. Normal men can have platonic relationships with women and that’s how they manage to find a girlfriend, they have female coworkers or female friends that can become a girlfriend or introduce him to a woman that can become a girlfriend.
  • A Nice Guy ™ do not believe that women can approach men because he is completely isolated from women. Women will approach men if they already know them.
  • If a Nice Guy ™, find a girlfriend, she will quickly discover that he’s an hypocrite and dump him or she will try to manipulate him. It’s the reason Nices Guys ™ believe that women are stuck-up bitches or manipulative bitches.
  • Nice Guys ™ think like fucked-up virgins. And fucked-up virgins are Slave Moralists, they believe they are special, different and know more about relationship and sex because of their ignorance.
  • Since Nice Guys ™ think that only bad boys can have sex with women, they will never follow the advice of guys have a girlfriend, they will resent them and be secretly jealous of them. Furthermore a Nice Guys ™ think that he’s better than other guy because he cannot get laid
  • Nice Guys ™ will usually become PUAs because they are completely isolated from women and PUAs techniques permit to approach totally unknown women. Of course the Nice Guy ™ will not be able to get the women that he wants because they are out of his league or he will be able to have sex only with drunken sluts. Which means the Nice Guys ™ will continue to say that women are stuck-up bitches or manipulative bitches. Most PUAs are former Since Nice Guys ™
  • Nice Guys ™ believe they are right because of evo-psych and they blindly believe any article inspired by evo-psych that confirm their delusions.
  • Nice Guys ™ will gather together in web forum and blogs to encourage their delusions and to pity each others. Many of them become MRAs. Many of them will join dating/shyness forums and try to destroy them because they are jealous of guys that have a girlfriend.
  • 8 thoughts on “Why Nice Guys ™ cannot get laid

    1. Hey check this out;

      It’s about Planet Earth after a virus wipes out all the men.

      If you can’t get it in your country, try youtube or another site.

    2. Desi, I just watched it. I think I already seen it ten years ago. It’s a naive vision of women. A world without men would not look like a giant hippie commune. Women can be as violent as men – just think about women like Indira Ghandi or Golda Meir.

      I think you should read “The Lucifer Principle” by Howard Bloom.

    3. Women are not nicer than men. They simply express violence and cruelty (our genetic inheritence as smarter than average monkeys) in less overt ways.

      As a guy who’s worked in an overwhelmingly female environment I can categorically state that a world of women without men would be no better than what we’ve got now.

    4. Ruben, Ruben I’ve been thinking
      What a grand world this would be
      If the boys were all transported
      Far beyond the ocean sea

      Oh my goodness gracious, Rachel
      What a grand world this would be
      If the girls were all transported
      Far beyond the ocean sea

    5. I don’t feel sorry for the guy. I’ve heard much worse stories than that.

      Here’s a story from my own family: a nice woman married to a guy for 20 years and had six kids; he ditched her for a young hottie. She was just the type of housewifely woman “the manosphere” say they want but can’t find: cooked, sewed all the kids’ clothes herself, kept the house in spotless order, never worked, did not spend a lot of money.

      Still got screwed. Ditched in her early 40s with six kids.

    6. There is lot of women like that and there was even more in the past.

      This is what is crazy about the guys in the manosphere, they are surrounded by people that are proofs that their ideas are wrong and don’t work and, yet, they still defend these ideas.

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