Gender Feminism

Here is why some feminists want Sharia.

Before the 1980s, feminism was about equality between men and women. Feminists had differents political opinion and some of them where from the Left and other from the Right. And it was a universal and popular movement by all women and for all women. And that movement was fighting physical or legal constraint that women had to face at that time (for example, abortion was illegal).

Then in the 1980s, because all the great feminist battles (like abortion) have been won, feminism became less popular. It became more and more an elitist movement influenced by Marxism. It’s at that time that Gender Feminism is born. Gender feminism had (and still have) a huge influence on feminism. The term was coined by Christina Hoff Sommers in her 1992 book Who Stole Feminism?. Psychologist Steven Pinker has given the best definition of gender feminism :

Gender feminism is an empirical doctrine committed to three claims about human nature. The first is that the differences between men and women have nothing to do with biology but are socially constructed in their entirety. The second is that humans possess a single social motive — power — and that social life can be understood only in terms of how it is exercised. The third is that human interactions arise not from the motives of people dealing with each other as individuals but from the motives of groups dealing with other groups — in this case, the male gender dominating the female gender.

We will see what it imply :

  • Gender feminism do not accept any biological differences between the sexes and believe that all of them are socially constructed. One of the favorite phrase of gender feminism was said by Simone de Beauvoir On ne naît pas femme, on le devient (You are not born a woman, you become one). Even if women are equal to men, they are biological differences with men. It’s women that have children and, in many case, it’s them that raise them. Women are sexually desired by men and the whole porn industry is based on that. And there other difference as well, David Reimer, was a baby when his penis was destroyed during circumcision and doctors decided to change his sex to a girl and was raised as a female. He never accepted that and constantly felt that he was a guy not woman and he took he life when he was 39. And there are subtle differences between the brain of men and women. Gender feminists cannot accept the biological differences between men and women and that’s one of the reason they are ferociously against pornography (this was the obsession of Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon). They are obsessed by the idea that if a woman is sexually desired by men, she is degraded by them. That’s the reason many gender feminists don’t wear any makeup. When Naomi Wolfe praised the chador, she was thinking as a gender feminist because the chador is there to hide the woman and prevent her to be sexually desired. This idea that all sexual identity is a social construct comes from Communism. In Communists countries, homosexuality was persecuted. And there are still people that believe that. I was in forum full of people that hated racists and Christian fundamentalists and many people there believed that all humans were sexually neutral and that there was no such things such as sexual orientation and that everything was a choice. Some of them believed that since homosexuality was not tolerated in Muslims countries, homosexuality didn’t exist there. I became embroiled in an insane thread were most people (including admins) were equating pedophilia and homosexuality. And these people were not homophobic. They just believed that pedophilia like homosexuality is a choice and therefore a pedophile can refrain from having sex with children. I left the place shortly after that because I was fed up of these idiots.
  • For gender feminists, humans possess a single social motive — power — and that social life can be understood only in terms of how it is exercised. This thing directly come from the notion of class struggle in Marxism. For gender feminists humanity is divided in two species male and female and men have always dominated and will always dominate women. Women cannot be equal to men and are perpetual victims of men – they believe that patriarchy will always exist and blame all women problems on it. At the same time women are seen as morally superior than men. Gender feminists do not believe that equality between men and women is possible. It’s the reason many gender feminists want a total separation between men and women (like in Islamic countries) and many are lesbian. For Marxists, it was impossible for inferior classes to be equal to superior classes (they had to destroy them) and at the same time inferior classes were seen as morally superior to superior classes. The same stuff exist in the manosphere : beta males cannot be equal to alpha males and are morally superior to alpha males.
  • Gender feminists believes that human interactions arise not from the motives of people dealing with each other as individuals but from the motives of groups dealing with other groups. There is no free will or biological need for gender feminists. Everything is the result of a plot from the media or the result of social conditioning. Naomi Wolfe wrote a book in 1992 called the Beauty Myth saying that women were victim of a plot by some media and victim of social conditioning because they wanted to be beautiful. That’s totally different from feminism in the 1960s, feminists at that time were not saying that women couldn’t get an abortion because of a media plot or socially conditioning, it was because of a legal constraint – abortion was not legal. Since gender feminists believe that everything is the result of social conditioning, they cannot defend the freedom of women. They believe that the freedom that women enjoy in the West is not because of universal values but the result of social conditioning, therefore they cannot defend the freedom of women living in Muslims countries. As an example Germaine Greer in her book The Whole Woman approved female genital mutilation and said that those opposed to it are cultural imperialists. Again, these ideas comes from Communism. Communists were convinced that all human behavior was the result of social conditioning.
  • Gender feminism was extremely strong in the US at the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s. Then it came under attack by some feminists and the struggle between various factions destroyed the feminists movement in the US. At the end of the 1990s, feminism was dead, most women believed in equality between men and women but didn’t believed in feminism. Third wave feminism or sex-positive feminism is born at that time in reaction against the excess of gender feminism but it’s still influenced by gender feminism. One of the ideas of sex-positive feminism is that sex is empowering. Gender feminist believed that sex was degrading for women, so sex-positive feminist created the idea that sex and working in the sex industry is empowering for women. Nobody believed this stuff in the 1970s, at that time sex and working in the sex industry was normal for women because they were free and equal to men. It was the golden ages of men magazines and nobody thought that the women that got naked in these magazine were empowered. It was just that they were free and equal to men.

    Guys in the manosphere hate sex-positive feminism and I’m sure they were influenced by gender feminism – they reversed part of it to apply it to men – they blame all men problems on matriarchy. Some gender feminists (Ariel Levy) dislike sex-positive feminism and bash women that more or less follow sex-positive feminism. The reason for that is related to the idea that everything that women do is because of social conditioning and not the result of free will. Susan Walsh is probably more or less influenced by gender feminism. In Quebec most feminists are like Susan Walsh and they constantly bashes young women. I think the reason that some women are influenced by gender feminism is not because they hate men but because they hate women.

    Edward Behr talk about gender feminism in his book Une Amerique qui fait peur (it was published in 1995) he said there were US feminists that supported Burqa for women because they believed in multiculturalism. Now the ideas of gender feminism have spread around the world (specially in Europe and Scandinavia). The French feminist Élisabeth Badinter wrote a book about this type of feminism ( Dead End Feminism ). As an example during the 1970s-1980s naked women were everywhere in publicity in Scandinavia and women were completely naked in parks or the beach to get a tan. It was considered as a proof of their sexual liberation. Now Scandinavia, because of gender feminism, has become puritanical. Sweden completely banned prostitution and Iceland (It’s headed by a lesbian) banned strip-clubs and all porn industry. A few years ago feminists from Scandinavia wanted to ban all nudity from publicity across Europe and countries like France or Italy where not happy about that at all. In 2001, Unni Wikan, a Norwegian professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo said that if many rapes are committed by Muslims in Norway, it’s because Norway is multicultural and Norwegian women must adapt to that. And you can bet there are many feminists that think like that in Sweden.

    7 thoughts on “Gender Feminism

    1. You’ve got it reversed. Marxism influenced some strands of Feminism BEFORE 1980.

      Marxism is passe.

      Nobody buys it anymore, at least not anyone of importance and influence.

      Moreoever, the manosphere complains that today’s “you go grrrrl” feminism is all about money, status, buying stuff and living life to the materialistic max ala Sex and the City.

      That’s a far cry from communism.

    2. Marxism divided humans in two categories : proletariat and bourgeoisie. It was impossible for the proletariat to become like the bourgeoisie, the proletariat was seen as an eternal victim of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat was seen as morally superior than the bourgeoisie.

      These concepts are well alive, the manosphere divide men in two categories, the alpha males and the beta males. The beta males cannot become like the alpha males (he can mimic an alpha males using PUA techniques), he’s a perpetual victim of the alpha male and the beta male is considered morally superior as the alpha male. Gender feminist believe that women cannot be like men, are perpetual victims of men and are morally superior than men. Various minority groups believe that minorities cannot integrate in the majority, are perpetual victims of the majority and are morally superior to the majority,

    3. The manosphere hate sex-positive feminism because it believes that it’s because of this type of feminism that beta/omega males cannot get laid. Usually it doesn’t talk about gender feminists. And gender feminism (as well as Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon) as been so much attacked in the 1990s that I doubt that many feminists nowadays will say they are influenced by it even if in fact they are influenced by it.

    4. The manosphere criticizes women like Andrea Dworkin as well. Basically they are against all feminists – sex pos and sex neg – and against all women in general as well – feminist or not.

      And some of them are just plain ignorant and can’t tell the diff between materialistic consumer culture and sex neg fem , or Jezebel and Dworkin, as is pointed out here;

      BREAKING NEWS: PUA “Gunwitch” arrested for shooting woman in face!

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